Monday, March 29, 2010

Healthy Foods to Order at a Middle Eastern Restaurant

Looking for what to order at Middle Eastern restaurants? Here are some healthy foods that will be on the menu, along with nutritional facts and health benefits of a Middle Eastern diet.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Healthy Recipes Made Easy - Even your Kids Will Eat!

Healthy Five Minutes Meal Ideas and Recipes with Vegan Options
Super easy meal ideas including alternatives for vegans. Perfect for couples preparing Valentine's Day lunch or dinner at home. Wraps, Salads, Fruit Dip, Fruit Salad, Spinach Tomato Bean Parmesan Toast

Pennsylvania Dutch
Pennsylvania Dutch Pickled Eggs with Beets
Pickled eggs are a healthy snack option and easy to make.

Asparagus Potato Soup Recipe
Yummy Amish vegetable soup

Pennsylvania Dutch New Year's Tradition - Rueben Dip
Red meat rocks! For those, like me, preferring beef over pork, try this Reuben dip variation on New Year's or anytime you're in the mood for kraut.

Hummus Recipe Variations and Hummus Nutrition Facts
Hummus is a very versatile and mutritious food choice. Use as a dip or sandwich spread. There are so many different variation of hummus that you can make. The best hummus recipe variations: simple hummus, red pepper, spicy, pumpkin, sweet potato.

Beer Battered Alaskan Halibut Recipe
Here you will find: Alaskan Halibut nutrition information, link to buy fresh/never frozen halibut and a fabulous recipe that you can deep fried or oven cook.

Juicing Recipes: Vegetable Juice for Health
The power of carrot juice: benefits your body, energy, eyesight, liver and prenatal health. Juicing recipes containing fruit juice and vegetables is very advantageous to your health.

Quick Oven Broiled Steak
Tender, juicy and YUMMY. For the days you can't grill outside.

Cajun Creole Cuisine Recipes to Spice Up Any Mardi Gras Party
Cajun Creole cuisine is found on a traditional Mardi Gras menu. Here are main dishes, dessert and drink recipes for your Mardi Gras theme party. Have a wonderful Fat Tuesday by enjoying traditional New Orleans cooking and don't forget the music!

Healthy Eating and Exercise for Wellness and Weight Control
Facts and ideas to help you lose weight and stay healthy without being hungry.

Crock Pot Goulash Recipe It's so easy to make and is a healthy way to meet your intake of vegetables, protein, and pasta.

Healthy Halloween Snacks and Treat Alternatives
Healthy Halloween treat alternatives to candy for younguns. There are some choices that would befit kids of all ages. Lean Halloween Treats
Snack ideas to scare away the fat - trick the treaters!

Healthy Halloween Treats - Alternatives to Candy

Holiday Leftovers - Healthy Meals: Nutritious Soup and Chili Recipes
Not sure what to do with all of those holiday leftovers? These healthy soup and chili recipes are simple, satisfying and nutritious. Nutrition facts are included for each recipe.

Christmas Recipe Kolache Cookies, Nut Log Cookies
I enjoyed helping make these nut log cookies as a kid and my kids do as well.

Probiotic Drinks
Ten Best Probiotic Drinks Available in the U.S
Probiotic proclaimed benefits include improving digestion and immunity.

Vegan Thanksgiving Haiku
A Thanksgiving Turkey Plea. Vegan Delight.

Zucchini Bread
Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins Recipe with Crumb Topping
Low fat cooking made easy with this yummy chocolate chip zucchini bread recipe. Great bread recipe - zucchini muffins that your kids will eat!

Zucchini Bread Recipe with Crumb Topping
If you are watching what you eat, this recipe will help you cut your fat and calories. Apply this method to other recipes; it's a simple low fat cooking alternative.

Not quite as healthy but easy:
Easy Homemade Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe
We sold this homemade peanut butter fudge by the panfuls when we had our country store.

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